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September 30, 2006


According to Ford, Armstrong spoke, "One small step for a man ... " in a total of 35 milliseconds, 10 times too fast for the "a" to be audible.

This can't be right. Thirty-five milliseconds is a very tiny duration. According to Wikipedia on orders of magnitude, 33.3 milliseconds is "the amount of time one frame lasts in 30fps video." And 100ms to 150ms is the "typical time for a human blink." Ford must have meant that the "a" itself took a mere 35ms.

You are right. 35 milliseconds definitely refers only to the "a" not the entire phrase.

You're both correct, Dean and Ruchira - it was a misprint - it was only the elusive "a" that runs 35 milliseconds.
You can link in and do the test yourselves by Monday afternoon at
Best regards from London
Peter Shann Ford

Thank you Mr. Ford - for the clarification and for visiting.

This is a totally unscientific analysis! For a start, the original NASA audio download that Peter links to on Control Bonics' website is 8bit, 11kHz, which is a format that any speech analysis researcher would never rely on to make a claim like this. Further, I would take issue with Peter's claim in his PDF that the noise removal process does not change critical voice characteristics. Does Peter know anything about the process used to remove noise from a recording? I doubt it, since he doesn't even use a spectrogram analysis of the audio in question. Finally, I think it's a complete farce of Peter to claim his "research " is valid after peer assessment by an astronaut born in 1930, and a physiotherapist with a Masters in Biomechanics. I am not questioning which phrase was actually uttered by Armstrong, but I am totally questioning Peter Shann Smith's authority, and his motivation. I suspect this is all a publicity stunt for himself and the Control Bionics company, if not also Goldwave. What financial interests does Peter have in Goldwave, I wonder?

Sorry, that's Peter Shann Ford, not Smith. My mistake! (not that I know where I got that from).

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