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September 21, 2006


What about his comment, and I paraphrase, " I still had hamburger for lunch and my mother makes great pork chops" ? He attempts to run miles away from his heritage, scared that his largely WASPish base will desert him, now that this information has come out.

Now Allen says that he was "protecting" his mother by not acknowledging her Jewishness in answer to the question by Peggy Fox. She apparently had asked him not to share her secret with anyone. He also promises to be a champion of those who face discrimination and persecution. Huh? I don't believe a single word he says. He is a bigot and a hypocrite. Facing possible defeat at the ballot box, he is now brimming with contrition, compassion and pride in his "diverse" heritage. What an opportunistic "macaca!"

BTW Sujatha, are receiving my e-mails?

Just replied to your earlier message. I had gotten a little busy.

The sad part was when his mom told him about the Jewish heritage and said something to the effect of "Now you'll hate me" What an utterly sad thing to think that your own child could hate you just because of who you were once upon a time.

Now you will hate me.

Yes, I read and heard Allen say that too. But I found it more intriguing than sad. Why did his mother automatically assume that? Could it be because she has prior knowledge of what her son may feel towards Jews? From what he has expressed to her previously? Is that why she felt that as a Jewish person, she will now be diminished in her son's eyes? Makes you wonder.

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