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September 26, 2006


Keith Olbermann on fire.

I watched Olbermann last night. He said everything that I wanted to hear. Olbermann has been relentless in hounding the Bush administration, unlike the loudmouth "neither here, nor there" Chris Matthews who gets on my nerves even more than the clearly partisan right wing commentators. I am just afraid that NBC might get cold feet with the daily dose of unvarnished truth that Olbermann has been dishing out and sack him out of pure cowardice.

Condi Rice, Bush's faithful foot soldier, is now predictably disputing Clinton's assertions.

You guys are wonderfully duped. If you really paid attention you would see something very familiar to you by now. A lost opportunity to beat a president who admittedly is a tongue tied inarticulate boob. If you want to win elections you will have to establish some kind of plan. Sorry. You just can't get lucky. You have to get intelligent.

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