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September 23, 2006


Why am I not surprised? The number of Iraqi deaths is staggering - how many are wishing that Saddam was in power? American war deaths in both battle sectors now equal number of deaths on 9/11. But guess what the ever dependable Dems have been up to? Losing ground on public confidence by squandering the two years since 2004 without a coherent message, asking no hard questions and pandering on Mickey Mouse issues and picking on Howard Dean instead of the real culprit. Forget 2008.

Unfortunately the wingnuts have their fingers stuck firmly in their ears, singing "Na-na-na-na"- we're turning into a banana republic where the Dear Leader's utterances are gospel and everything else is trash talk.

This is ridiculous but again, exactly what one should expect from this lying bunch. Bush's words are not just gospel but retroactively edited and cleaned up to fit the disastrous facts of the last five years. On last evening's 60 Minutes, Condi Rice shamelessly declared to Katy Couric that she would do everything the same way all over again, for the very same reasons -- even after she conceded that the intelligence was "flawed."

Michael Kingsley has a piece in Slate describing how all narrative from the Bush White House goes backwards to justify the premature "Mission Accomplished" declared aboard the aircraft carrier in May, 2003. It is quite funny, but also terrifying. Because now with the Democrats tanking in the polls and a possible Republican win in November, Bush will have 2 more years to trash the world thoroughly.

I'm not terribly worried about the Dems tanking in the polls, at least. Because the one thing I think they could be counted on for, is that even if they won a majority in both houses, they would not effectively stand up to the President on any matter of importance.

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