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October 19, 2006


Ah but you don't know the half of it. Bush is going to celebrate National Character Counts week as well as National Domestic Violence Awareness month by stumping for a Pennsylvania Congressman who, get this, beat up and tried to strangle his mistress who is 30 years younger.

That is so beyond irony that there we need a new word in the dictionary that would adequately describe it.

"we need a new word in the dictionary that would adequately describe it."

Something highly ironic could be called:

highrony, or highronic.

If something is ironic due to hypocrisy, a feat Bush excels at, it could be referred to as an act of "ironocrisy".

If it is ironic due to an act of stupidity, it could be called "moronic". Wait. That's already a word, never mind.

How about "hyronic" or "hyporonic?" Perhaps we need two words to describe the current state of the Bush GOP - "beneath contempt."

The Washington Post article says it all. I am moving it to the front.

I used to work at a company where the daily environment was dazzlingly Dilbertian. So in honor of a comic who has nailed the irony of this irono-moronocracy, I would think 'Tomorrowian' would be an apt description of the world we live in.

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