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November 14, 2006


The Rumanian villagers are undoubtedly the saddest story of the lot of people swindled during the making of this movie, having sold their dignity for a paltry $5/- or so that they were paid. And yet, the worldwide release continues to rake in the millions. I wonder whether any of the victims of this nasty joke passing for a movie will ever get restitution for their humiliation.

I can't say that I enjoyed the movie much, either. Humiliation through unfair advantage has never been my favorite form of humor. And what's so revolutionary about the message that leading questions can make people conform to ugly stereotypes (the racist Southerner, etc.)?

No doubt it was simply a matter of identification, but I felt particularly bad for the octogenarian Jewish couple running the bed and breakfast, who eagerly pressed sandwiches on mysterious strangers, only to have them flee screaming into the night. As someone with similarly earnest octogenarian Jewish relatives, I don't think it would matter to them that Sascha Baron Cohen, as a Jew, was making ironic use of anti-Semitism for its humor value; I think that they would not be amused.

Sujatha, if you read the article about the assault on Cohen to which Ruchira linked, you'll notice at the end that the Romanian villagers from Glod, where Borat was filmed, are in fact suing. Of course, this begs the question of the amount of further restitution to the villagers, which may well be simply another $5 each. But, some lawyer is getting rich off avenging their humiliation, in any event.

I think the villagers have a better claim to mental anguish and reputational loss than the frat brothers. More on that later, perhaps.

Well, I guess you have saved a lot of people 20 bucks!


Borat managed to accomplish the impossible - make you feel almost sorry for the bigots, except for the frat boys in the RV who didn't look like they needed words put in their potty mouths.

The funny thing is that if Sacha Cohen wanted Americans to come out looking like uncouth boors, he didn't succeed. His victims, including the bigoted, actually showed remarkable cool and polite patience with Borat's crude and crappy (literally, in case of the hosts at the southern dinner party) behavior.

Now that Cohen has made his kill at the box office, I hope he goes home and doesn't bother with a sequel.

I so agree with you. I used to like the short interviews Borat used to do on the AliG show. But the movie is clearly distasteful, silly, offending and far from funny. I almost left. I cannot understand the rave reviews. Sascha Baron Cohen killed his Kazakh by bringing him to the big screen.

This movie was completely hilarious. Sure it's bad that people were made fun of, but I'm sure they'll bounce back. In the mean time millions of people will have a good laugh and move on with a smile.

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