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November 13, 2006


You've said so much here that has been on my mind Ruchira, which is why I haven't been all that jubilant, I suppose. I guess it's "the glass half empty" for me rather than full, but I'm trying not to lose the little optimism I have. Great post!

Good analysis. I, too, am only cautiously optimistic. While I do believe there's a somewhat stronger humanitarian streak to the core values of the Democratic party, relative to the Republican, the Dems can be undercut by their own grave problems. It's easy to imagine this new Congress might amount to little positive change towards the future. In fact, I fear that they may be in a no-win situation: if they are too capitulating and ineffectual—or if they are strong and seen as playing viciously against the Repubs—it could have bad consequences in 2008.

Naveeda and Usha:

Some will call me naive and Pollyannaish for my expectations. But I will keep looking for progress, however incremental, both in policy and the political conversation.

What I am worried about is that the Dems will be scaredy cats and try to pander to the "center" by emulating some of the less wholesome practices of the Republicans. Just saying that they are bringing "change" is not enough. It must be the kind of change that will convince the average American and the "values voters" that their bread is buttered on the side of the Democrats so that they can check their other concerns at the church, mosque and temple doors when they enter the voting booth. For example, the left may have to yield on certain issues like late term abortion in order to keep most abortions legal. They must on the other hand be resolute about facilitating access to health care and promote bio-medical research to drive home the point that access to good education, health care and medical innovations will reduce the need for abortions. They must show support for the armed forces by increasing benefits for veterans and the serving military but tenaciously oppose all unnecessary military interventions and wasteful expenditure to line the pockets of defense contractors. These are the kinds of compromise I want them to make - not the ones where they try to outdo Republicans in holier (and tougher) than thou posturing. Otherwise I am afraid that another "exile" may be in the making and the savages will be back.

I don't think that's "naive or Polyannaish" at all, and I agree with everything you've said. Let's hope we see this progress.

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