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December 29, 2006


Are you ready to declare Edwards the eventual Democratic presidential nominee? My daughter seems to favor him over Obama and H. Clinton.
I myself am not sure of any of the three.

I may be in the minority but I find Al Gore a viable choice (since Dr. Dean is not going to make another presidential run) if he campaigns with the same fire in his belly that he has recently exhibited on the lecture circuit.

But having said that, I would rather that the Dems would postpone the start of the 2008 campaign to the fall of next year. Until then, they need to concentrate on investigating and putting the brakes on the criminal Bush administration. I am a bit sick of politicians "running" for elections all the time and not attending to the business of governing.

I will also make a political prediction. Nick Lampson, who was elected to Tom DeLay's seat from my district this year, will not win re-election from this deep red part of Texas. This year was a fluke.

A personal prediction: Accidental Blogger probably won't live to see its second anniversary.

I think it will be Edwards. I think the voters will be primarily concerned with their notions of "electability," which knocks off Hillary. I could see it going to either Gore or Obama instead, but I wonder if Dems will avoid voting for Obama because they think that because of his race he can't win the general election, and Gore... well, I too think Gore could be a viable choice (if he runs).

But beyond H. Clinton not being the eventual Dem nominee, I'm not ready to declare anything. And I'm not really sure what the Bill Clinton factor will do -- he's got to support his wife, of course, but does that help her or hurt her? And what does it do to his Vice President if President Clinton isn't even supporting him?

Also, the demise of A.B. has been greatly exaggerated in the past. So while I of course understand why one might want to kill a blog due to its draining effects, I'll believe it when I see it. ;-)

You are right. The temptation to terminate the blog is always strong when I find myself blogging instead of doing other things on my "to do" list. Then unexpected, stunning developments like getting on the blog roll of>"3 Quarks Daily pumps me up. It is like an addiction. On the other hand, if I slow down a bit (or the guest bloggers start posting more :-), perhaps A.B. can chug along for a while. At least until Bush is in office - his administration is a gift that keeps on giving to bloggers like us! And the upcoming presidential elections too will provide daily fodder. As I said, it is a dilemma.

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