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February 09, 2007


one party system of government when it comes to war and religion.

Sigh ! Depressingly true.

Unfortunately, Edwards is going the Kerry way in being ultra-defensive in response to right-wing shrill. I would have respected him if he showed some more backbone.

On a related note, here in the NC triangle area, Edwards is catching a lot of flak for situating his campaign office in a posh Chapel Hill neighborhood.

I was quite surprised by how quickly the left blogosphere got behind Edwards even before the slate of candidates had solidified.

I am not overly impressed by any of the current Democratic candidates in the running. As for the Dems growing a backbone (especially when it comes to national security and religious issues), I am afraid that the establishment bigwigs saw to it that it won't happen when they ousted Dr. Howard Dean from the operation room. He was one of the few people who could have given the party a much needed spinal implant.

I live behind the HQ and I am dirt-poor. It is not posh, it is a modern mixed-use urban village. No other place in Chapel Hill beats the appartment rent per square foot and usability.

Edwards is shedding the softie,breck girl image's video proof:

Dean himself removed his own spine a few days before the end of 2003, when he decided that he had to make religious statements to win. Up until then he had been "fairly secular"; from that point onward, he was a "committed believer," who in 2006 would go on the 700 Club and affirm the Democratic Party's opposition to single-sex marriage.

I seem to also remember that Dean did kow-tow to the religious right a bit towards the last part of his campaign although his heart didn't seem to be in it. It is disheartening to note what politicians will do to realize their ambitions. But all in all, Dr. Dean is still among the "brave" in a party which is mind numbingly craven when it comes to competing with the rabid Republicans on patriotism, God and middle east politics.

Given the mistaken notion prevalent in America that religiosity equals morality, Jerry Falwell's "Lucifer" will have a better shot at winning an elected office than an honest and competent atheist. After all, the Devil believes in God.

As far as I'm concerned, Edwards is now in H. Clinton territory. He publicly berated these two bloggers for their past statements, as if he was somehow surprised by them, despite having hired them in the first place because of their high profile status in the blogosphere!

He was good enough to give them a "second chance" by not firing them. Yeah, color me impressed. Is he trying to make a watered down "I'm incompetent argument" on lack of knowledge rather than simply agreeing that the Catholic Church is anti-choice? Okay, Edwards, you're incompetent instead of spineless, is that really how you want to play it?

Hello... Obama. Who I still know nothing about, because the media is too busy arguing about the level of his blackness. Can we get an Al Gore in here, please?

I am so ready for Al Gore!

Update: Edwards has accepted Amanda Marcotte's resignation:

That didn't take very long, did it? As I had predicted, there was no way Edwards was going to take the heat. BTW, I am not impressed by Edwards' now "courageous and contrite" stand on Iraq. It is very easy to denounce it, now that he is no longer in the government. I know that Edwards is looking good to many Democratic voters but I am not yet sold.

Amanda Marcotte is still putting on a brave face. She insists that she wasn't "fired" but "resigned" to deflect controversy. Whatever.

Yeah, I'm not impressed. I guess the best thing I can say about Edwards-- or any of the Dems I've seen so far-- is "John McCain is worse." Which is kind of like saying that John Kerry was a better candidate than President Bush.

I second your "whatever" about Amanda. Wow, a political blogger is spinning something. How uncommon.

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