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February 26, 2007


The implications for the evolution of human behavior is quite astounding, from these observations. So, essentially, instead of early 'man' creating tools for use, it may well have been early 'woman' who learnt to use objects as tools and passed on the information on how to use them to her offspring.

Doesn't sound too far fetched to me. We women are always having to improvise. The men go out and buy Cuisinart! :-)

No, but seriously, I would guess that males and females probably are both good at making tools when necessary. But as this article suggests, if the mother is the innovator, the offspring (both male and female) are also likely to be inventive. Which is why the older male chimpanzees in this group are the most inept in using tools. I would infer from this that the best male artisans and artists in primitive societies probably grew up around industrious and innovative mothers. "The hand that rocks the cradle... etc."

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