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March 22, 2007


With Gingrich, Delay et al. confessing to sexual peccadilloes, we'll see the religious right spinning themselves dizzy by proclaiming all the above-mentioned sins as having been forgiven,as opposed to Pres.Clinton, who, according to the Talibornagain,undoubtedly had no forgiveness whatsoever). And of course,they continue to hail their patron saint GWB, who is innocent of any crime despite the thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead as a result of his policies :(

That's the whole disgusting irony. The religious right is "quick" to rehabilitate its own (except the gays) as long as a whiny public apology and forgiveness from God is sought.

Here are some more details on Gingrich and DeLay's family values.

Gingrich served his first wife with divorce papers when she was lying in the hospital bed after cancer surgery - what a paragon of compassion. His dalliance with the very young congressional aide during Clinton's impeachment hearings was common knowledge among Republican lawmakers. DeLay in fact mentions it in his "memoir." Yet they circled the wagon around him and went after Clinton with a blood thirst.

As for Tom the Hammer, his own family story is a soap opera. His relations with his parents and siblings are strained (not on talking terms), he ran around with women like a tom cat and has the temerity to declare that it was because "he is not a bad looking guy." He admits to neglecting the long suffering wife and daughter whom he put on the payroll of lobbyists probably to provide hush money. I can't believe the voters in Texas' District 22 didn't know about it. The same ones who were so outraged with Clinton's zipper problems. And all the while this guy was going around lecturing us about moral/ family / Christian values! I wouldn't be surprised that even after his "confession" if some of my neighbors will still be willing to vote for him if he ran.

What a contrast between Gingrich's treatment of his wife and John Edwards.

Sujatha: Good catch. I'm amazed that that got past me.

Ruchira, you did it again. You earned yourself another link on my blog. This is priceless. I never knew about DeLay's F**k 'n' Tell memoir. How could he've written it? He doesn't even write his own blog, because he's even outsourced that.

I link to Cragg Hines' article in a post today on my blog. I also link to another political column that's very critical of DeLay's book.


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