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March 13, 2007


I think they mean a combination of two products is offered gratis with the Police Man Link here

Of course, it might sound very appealing to the average woman buying something for her significant other (connection between "A' men, "Amen" and 'Common man), along with the goofy sounding blurb that they have at the link that you provided.

Hmmmm. It sounds like somebody parleyed their philosophy/theology degree into a marketing concept/position.

I don't see a third product called the "Police Man" with which you say the duo will be gratis. That strange linguistic leap appears only in the "goofy" logo about "my hero" etc. in the combo offer of the Common Man and Amen.

Also, did you notice that Common Man and Amen bought separately will cost you $47 but the combo will set you back by $50? Okay, so women can be seduced by "Philosophy" but we still know our arithmetic, even when we are buying for the "hero" of our fantasy.

Oops, my mistake- the Policeman set is a combo of the Amen and Common Man products, not free with it(that'll teach me to skim too quickly through the tiny print! :( )
Must be the fancy wrapping they put on the 'Policeman' set or something ( Imagine a box that cost $3/- !!)
Or you're paying extra for the bundled concept.

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