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April 08, 2007


On the location of the 2 plugs on the hydrogen-electric hybrid:
From this link

" When I arrived, the Edge was plugged in with a standard extension cord going to a 110V outlet. The electrical plug is on the front fender just ahead of the driver's door. The hydrogen filler is on the rear fender also on the driver's side."

Design problem, indeed!

On second thoughts, how likely is it that the hydrogen fill cap would resemble the average plug point? Was there really any risk of being blown up by an insertion into the wrong inlet,or was this just another 'Bushism story' for public consumption?

That is exactly what I thought first - could Bush have "plugged" into the hydrogen tank even if he tried to? Is there an inlet there? If so why? Or was Mulally making up a sensational "saving the president from disaster" story to share at the water cooler and at auto shows? Very strange.

Today's Countdown with Keith Olbermann had a segment proving that Mulally made up the whole story. Actual video footage of the event shows no evidence of Bush attempting to pick up and plug cords,or Mulally 'manhandling' Bush towards the front or any of the other details. Curiouser and curiouser- could this be a self-inflating anecdote? Why didn't the WH pour cold water on it at once?

I saw the Olbermann item too.

As I said, from the beginning I smelt a rat. Even Ford would not be foolish enough to install an electric outlet into a tank of hydrogen, one of the most flammable gases in nature. As usual, it comes down to a juvenile adult making up a story for personal gratification. What a fool! Didn't he think what it would do to the marketability of a car his company is trying to sell?

Mulally has apologized now for his concoction.

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