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April 30, 2007


I have just written a few articles about various aspects of the Honeybee crisis which you might find of interest – for example:

Sujatha, how come you don't believe in any doom and gloom scenario? :-)

I myself am inclined towards having a very jaundiced view of "bottom line" oriented corporate farming of any sort - be it hogs, cattle, chickens or bees. Definitely harmful for the farm creatures (and very cruel), the human consumer and the environment in the long run. But whether they wipe out species is quite another story. I have come across the "disappearing bees" stories in recent days but didn't pay much attention. We'll see.

But what happened to those African Killer bees that were supposed to swamp the border states and terrorize us (Houston is always on the list of ripe targets) as surely as the hordes of "illegal" aliens and terrorists crossing into our states from the south of the border?

BTW, instead of letting your husband "Round Up" your lawn grass that is getting pressed under the moss, have you considered breathing fresh life into the roots by using Aeration?

Thanks for the informative link. I've bookmarked it to read more details and the discussion on the forum regarding the vanishing honeybees later (just took a quick glance to peruse the UPenn document link and the link to Bumblebees trying to identify which variety was buzzing around us in the garden recently.)It's definitely a fascinating subject, and one that receives little attention from the general public unless packaged as an 'doom-and-gloom' scenario by the media.


As the resident Conspiracy-Theorist-in-Chief, I'm only half tongue-in-cheek with all my madcap statements. The situation is dire for commercial bee-pollinated crops ( approx. 1/4 to 1/3 of the world's food supply, by one estimate.) That alone would cause a serious drop in available food supplies, with ramifications just beyond the price that puts it out of reach of the common man.

Regarding the killer bees, the last google reference I could locate seemed to imply that the Africanized bees were less susceptible to CCD than the European honeybees which are more popular among beekeepers because of their relative docility. (Link) So look out for any wild bees around your garden and bee careful around them-they are more likely to be the Africanized variety, which have been spreading around Texas over the last few years.

My husband has decided to take the environmentally friendly method to get rid of our dandelions ("Weed Hound") instead of running around with the Round-up, this year. He figures that our daughter can happily pick any dandelions she wants to play with, that way.

The lawn will likely need a major overhaul (aeration, scraping away moss, adding lime and fresh soil for seeding) and we'll probably get hold of some landscaping professional to handle it. Till then, we'll just enjoy our 'balding' lawn that the robins are dethatching in patches.

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