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April 06, 2007


This is truly hilarious. Truth in advertising, anyone? How did your kids react? Or was it more of a let down for the adults?

BTW, King Tut's missing mask completed the 600th post on A.B.

I think all of us felt let down, myself the least, since I had a closer look at the coffinette than the others. I'm sure that at $20 a ticket, the institutions hosting this exhibit would have lost a lot of money if they had made it clear that the main funerary mask wasn't in the exhibit.
It felt kind of like paying to see Mick Jagger and seeing Milli-Vanilli instead.The saving grace was that we didn't make a separate trip to Philly just to catch the exhibition, and had planned it as a trip to look at other city sights/business trip for my husband. Since we had been unable to find tickets online, we didn't really expect to see the exhibit, which had several beautiful items, except for the missing funerary mask and the pervasive air of crass commercialism in the strategically placed gift store.
600th post already? So is AB is averaging almost 2 posts a day?

Not quite two posts a day. A.B. was launched on the 19th of October, 2005.

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