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August 04, 2007


Iconic it certainly is but it seems to me that the nurse is not at all enjoying the sailor's clutch and kiss.

We'll never know will we, unless she tells us? McDuffie does admit that they didn't "talk," during or after the kiss. I also wondered when reading the article if she was ever identified. Only one woman claimed to be the nurse - perhaps that was she.

You're right. We will never know for sure, unless she tells us. But I wonder what this says about the culture that elevates this to a cherished/classic photo. The times were certainly different then. I wonder what modern day feminists make of this photo.

Maybe the photograph was taken just before she put her left arm around him. :)

Quite by coincidence, I ran into this photo midway down this page of other iconic photos (some are quite chilling). Apparently, our man "was kissing every girl he encountered and for that kiss, this particular nurse slapped him." :-)

Hey, that's funny! No wonder McDuffie just said that they didn't "TALK" and left it at that. He must have been playing the "drunken sailor" role to the hilt that day.

Perhaps I will publish it as an update (at both sites) - I have very few ideas for posting right now. It will also give me the opportunity to show off an ancient sketch of one of the subjects.

If any knows where i can get this ornamenant of this figre as my dads has been recently broken please contact me on

It wasn't McDuffy. The man was George Mendozia. He lives in Rhode Island. The lady in the back row on the right end in white would be his future wife. It's a shame someone would claim the photo when it wasn't them. The tatoo on George's right hand also shows proof. He was station on the USS The Sullivans (They were in at the port of NY) when this picture was taken. He is shown on the USS Sullivan's reunion video with a nother shipmate who wittnessed it.

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