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September 21, 2007


I suppose I could have called myself Briar Rabbit, for all of that...but, when starting an email account, I wanted to use fac_p, so going with a name with the initials F & P seemed natural. The neighborhood I was from had a large Italian presence, so Frank and Pasquale just popped (and it wasn't going to be mistaken for any actual local identity.) I probably should have Googled it, but I never thought that this was going to be anything more than a local site.

One of the first issues I went after was the city downsizing of the EMS crews. If you notice, the start dates for the blog and the first post are dissimilar. Those initial ones went away after the first few dealing with the hospital caught fire.

Had I been trying to pass myself off as a Seton Hall professor, I would imagine that the blog's "about me" would have reflected as such.

I apologized to professor Pasquale for the confusion, and he's the one that emailed back (paraphrased): that, after all, he wasn't famous.... Maybe more modesty than reality.

My expectations were a bit low; maybe the good professor will have this as subject matter at a later date....

Hopefully, though, it will be about the issue of third-party disclosure, rather than this unintentional appropriation. That is wasting his time as well as yours.

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