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October 01, 2007


I regret that I haven't had a moment to revisit Vonnegut, although a friend of mine has done so periodically over the years. He also made a point to attend speaking appearances by Vonnegut. His attention to the writer we loved during our immediate post-adolescence keeps him in mind for me, too.

Hunt has it right about Vonnegut's quotability, but I think it's more than a matter of paragraphs versus sentences. Vonnegut often wrote in and for aphorism, setting up the page or the paragraph to spotlight the smarmy quip. For me, that can be the deal breaker. (Is this what aggravated me with Catch-22?) But if it's handled well, it can promise a lot of reading fun.

I was rattled by the aphorism on which you commented, Ruchira, on Hunt's blog, the one about the careers of high school classmates. I have often remarked that the despicable people in, say, politics these days are all the more so for reminding me of my contemporaries in high school (excluding friends, of course). Now I wonder whether I've made that connection over the years because of Vonnegut...?

Then there's the joke about telekinesis. It sounded too familiar. Indeed, it has been attributed to the comic Steven Wright. I feel that I can hear Wright uttering the joke...but my memory has already come into question, thanks to this post.

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