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January 09, 2008


I think we are just going to be holding our noses when voting in November. The candidates I really like so far will probably have dropped out of the race by then, unless the Goreacle decides to step in a blaze of glory at the last minute.

Very well said, Anna. Indeed, why doesn't this trouble more Americans? Coming from a part of the world where dynastic governments are the norm rather than the exception, I am uneasy with the feudal system of entitlement politics. It is disconcerting to see a female candidate running on a platform which is essentially her husband's presidential record. Can we then by extension conflate his faults and failings with hers? And with Jeb Bush, Chelsea Clinton and Jeb's photogenic son George P. waiting in the wings, we could take care of the next thirty two years of presidential nominations without bothering to cast a single vote.

Hillary Clinton's candidacy may actually be worse than the Asian counterparts. Unlike Gandhi, Bhutto, Aquino and Aung Suu Kyi, the patriarch of the "dynasty" in the case of HRC is alive and kicking.

For the Clintons, it is all about them. You have mentioned some of their cynical ploys. And remember the slithery Dick Morris, Clinton's manipulative Svengali who now has nothing but contempt for the Clintons? He is a regular guest on right wing radio where he spews his venom. At Morris' behest Clinton threw his erstwhile progressive friends like Marian Wright Edelman to the lions for "centrist" expediency. Do you believe for a minute that Bill Clinton, who couldn't keep a lid on his impulses when he was president and in the global limelight, is going to exercise restraint on his mind or "body" when he is the "First Spouse?" He is going to embarrass Hillary and us again, at the same time use his wife's presidency to re-write his own legacy. A man who despite his prodigious potential, did not take many principled or angry stands during his presidency (except to wag his fingers to assert "I did not have sex with that woman.") might use a second "vicarious" presidency to do a few more reckless things. The Clinton era looks so glorious now in light of the horror that came next under the leadership of another "dynasty" candidate who wanted to rewrite his father's legacy.

Hillary recently joked on the campaign trail that it is becoming an American tradition that a Clinton cleans up after a Bush. That would be funny if some of us didn't remember with some distaste that a Rodham Clinton cleaning up after a Clinton too was a tradition. A generational dynasty is bad enough. A co-dynasty may be intolerable.

With all these years devoted to politics and social climbing, the Clintons are beholden to a huge number of individuals and interest groups. All of them expect paybacks. I just want a fresh face on the ticket this time.

I had swallowed my disappointment after Howard Dean's loss in 2004 and like Anna, had supported Kerry both with my time and money. If Clinton is the eventual nominee of the Democrats, I will probably hold my nose, vote for her and hope for the best. Sitting out the elections may not be an option, what with the Republican Clown Car hurtling down across the aisle.

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