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February 03, 2008


Indeed, how DO birds know that there is something to eat in a faraway place?

I don't have a bird feeder but all my left over bread and rice go to birds. I just scatter them on the grass in the backyard in the morning and it is picked clean by sunset.

One of the funniest displays of remote bird-sense occurs in spring when birds begin nesting and the mothers become fiercely protective of their eggs and hatchlings. My two cats (now only one) were/ are regularly terrorized by avian moms during the spring months. They just have step off the back porch into the yard and a bird who has built a nest somewhere close by appears, sometimes it seems from miles away and swoops down over their heads, shrieking like a banshee. And it will keep circling and diving until the cats retreat from the yard. What is really hilarious is that my two huge tom cats who would normally chase the birds at other times, are scared to death of the tiny flying bundle of terror when she is protecting her young. The amazing thing also is that they don't attack humans in the vicinity but seem to immediately know when a cat is out in the yard.

Perhaps the birds have perceptions and senses other than what we humans are used to- perhaps the food in the long-empty feeder, the cats in the yard are as clear and evident as daylight to birds, while we humans just lack (or have lost) the capacity to know it.

Did you know that chickadees are among the few birds that can forage upside down? I enjoyed watching them walk upside down on the shepherd's hook and casually flip to a landing position on the perch to feed off the seeds!

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