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February 28, 2008


With apologies to Samuel Johnson: A robot's acting like a dog is like a dog's walking on his hinder legs. It's not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.

I'm sure there could be a high-earning, muss-free life partner, too, who picked up his socks and picked no quarrels. Would have to be a Droid, of course, but from a certain perspective that needn't constitute a downside. I mean, if it works, use it! Could they fix it so that I had one of those -- just to try out? As long as I can still have my hot, wriggling, befurred and preferred doggy -- veridical and not virtual -- I'll bet I'd feel well set up.

Elatia, you are in luck. The Japanese are hard at work in creating a "muss-free" life partner - at least the female version seems to be up and running. Earning power not known.

As for finding comfort with a Droid, one expert claims that there is no downside!

Actually, I'm not looking for intimate relations -- only an economic arrangement that will materialize more leisure for me without inciting the other party to grumpiness. You know, I could use two of those Droids, and -- on breaks from labor -- they could have at one another whilst I play with that warm wriggling puppy. Sounds well worth hanging around till 2050 for.

I can't get this story out of my head. I'm naming my Droids Bill and Hill. After making a fortune for me in the 'Stans, the algorithm will break down, and they will not resort to one another but kill one another off. This, I'll watch. And I and my puppy won't have to wait till 2050.

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