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February 24, 2008


I read with interest idiotic comments about Clinton and think back to all the fools who voted for Bush or Nader--you are the ones who got us into this global mess to begin with. Get your heads out of the sand and don't be fooled again by gender bias and media distortions. What are you afraid of??? Try to remember that women gave birth to you, run your households and can successfully run this country. Remember, behind every successful man...and Bill Clinton left this country with a balanced budget and a surplus.

Remember all the anti Hillary votes are putting Obama on top of the world..People who hate the Clintons don`t realize how gullible they are beacuse Obama has used that to garner your votes..We talk abt how fanatical Islam can be,but you are no better than those nutcases..Bill and Hillary are not perfect but have done a lot for this wonderful Country..Look back to the 90`S..then aging why bother because the hate you possess has already blinded you and fogged your memory..Lets see if the saviour can top that acccomplishment with hot air and a bunch of B S...Ps..I am from India the largest Democracy in the world where media bias does not sawy elections...JC

What can we say about Ralph Nader? Unsafe in any race?

Why doesn't this egotistical old man just go away! It's enough that we wound up with the wrong president the last time he pulled his crap. Some people just want to monkey-wrench history. The rest of us as a country suffer because of him.

I am astounded. As a European who has no role in the US electoral process, I was nevertheless anticipating a more gentle and outgoing post Bush era. Does Nader not realise that he could be handing to whole ting on a plate back to the Republicans. Shooting yourself in the foot is one thing. Blowing other peoples' legs away from underneath them is a whole different ballgame.

I doubt Nader's entry into the race will have any effect in the national election. If Obama secures the Democratic nomination and because of all the extreme intense exposure he's had during the primaries, we've all come to know him and what he's all about quite well and no skeletons have come out of his closet so far. Nader is just using the same old tactics Old Washington has played played time and time again with the same results. Yes I know Nader is Green Party - but he's been using this kind of tactic for decades -it's nothing new. Time for a change.

Obamas supporters are sure that he will win the nomination and will automatically get us Hillart supporters to vote for him...Well not really with ralph in the picture now we have an alternative..Ralph willnever win the presidency but i would love to see the obama supporters squirm..Obama is too arrogant and thinks he the chosen one...His fans are like a pack of rabid animals who love to attack..Well guys the higher you jump the lower n harder you will fall..See ya on the way down......I`m a Hillary fan but would love to see Obama get the nomination and then get ripped by the republicans....Payback ia a B....!Go Nader take the almighty obama down..hahahaahaahahahahah

Yes Janine but you still have to ask yourself why? He does not stand a snowball's hope in hell of winning it and the only motivation can therefore be to upset the political applecart (forgive the mixed metaphors). I do not doubt the man's sincerity but his timing is awful and the consequences could be even worse - unless, of course, it is all part of a sinister plot and perish the thought that I should be that cynical.

Worthless old fossil. Yappie little ankle dog. Whatever. Way over rated in his prime and an imbittered spoiler in decline. If he cared about anyone except Ralph Nader her would facilitate change rather than obstruct it.

I cannot fully express my rage and loathing at Ralph Nader.
A vote for him is a waste. I'm still undecided over my vote, but I hold him with contempt for his past meddling.
I could go Hilary or Obama, my wife and I often debate it. It's the general election where Nader really concerns me. I'll be damned if, after George W, we have another R in the White House.

In response to:

"Bill and Hillary have done a lot for this wonderful Country"

Here's what they've done: (remember you get two for one when you vote for a Clinton)
in 1982 the 1% richest families in America owned $92 billion. in 1995 (Mid Clinton era) they owned $480 billion. Economies (for the richest part of the country) were "Healthy and Substantive". While 40 mil American's job were traded overseas.

During he Clinton Administration, NAFTA would not allow necessary supplies (food and medicine) into Iraq or Cuba and thousands and thousands of children died as a result. When asked about it in 1996 on "60 minutes", Albright (Clinton's Amb. to the United Nations) said that it's a hard choice, but NAFTA's worth it.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have done a lot for Corporate America. Not so much for it's average citizen.

Paul: The same reason anyone runs for President - ego.

Good for him. Anyone has the right to run for the presidency. I just wished Michael Bloomberg had jumped in sooner. Obama has become too arrogant and shame on people for the ongoing negativity of Hillary. There is more discrimination against women than there is for a man and the press has only added to this. Start scrutinizing Obama's record please. It's probably why Ralph jumped in.

Why would anyone in their right mind waste their money, time, and energy voting for Ralph Nader. He will NEVER win an election, and he is about as relevant a candidate as my dog. Nader may be a consumer advocate, but he is way out of touch on all other issues important to Americans. He should go work for Consumer Reports or something. And, the people who vote for him, and think they are making a "statement", aren't saying anything other than they are about as silly as he is.

Rader presented, on Meet the Press, the intelligent reasons why we need a third party candidate to run for the presidency. He did not give one good reason why he's the guy. The vast majority of voters were not born when he did his good work. He will not be a factor as most of the people who voted for him in 2000 have died off. I'm not sure he has done anything positive in the last 40 years.

Ralph Nader is an intelligent man, who understands the Presential election process; he must understand the effect of his entering the race will be a net positive shift in votes for the Right. One can only conclude that Ralph Nader is working towards electing the Republican nominee.

Just go away!

I don't care how sincere Nader claims his motivations to be. He may talk the talk, but he'd have to be king of the naive to not be aware that it's right wing money propping up his "campaign".

One might have been tempted to buy the anti-corporate/shake-things-up rationale he peddled on his first disastrous attempt in 2000. Not in 2004, and certainly not in 2008. I don't care what his decades-old achievements might have been: what has he done to diminish corporate influence in Congress for the past decade, a cause that he claims is the driving force behind this quadrennial idiocy of his? Why is he resurrected, specter-like, only on the eve of the presidential elections?

I wish he'd just paint on silly smile, get dressed in colorful pajamas and complete the clown picture. But who can blame his attention-seeking when there are real votes, however miniscule, going his way? Therein lies the true problem. Those of you that claim to be considering voting for him - whether out of sincerity or spite - have every right to do so. But before you do, ask yourself what good came of all the protest votes in his favor for the past two elections? It is said that a people get a government they deserve - and that is precisely what you - and thanks to you, the rest of us - are about to get.

Nader takes Kucinich's place a self-obsessed nutcase who provides a comic distraction. Have fun, Ralphie. Everybody loves a clown.

Very few people would vote for Nader - sure his base supporters, but really who else? He may have been able to gather support in prior elections where the candidates weren't so interesting, but with an election of this significance and in the magnitude of voter turnout, his voice hasn't a chance nor will his efforts at trying to garner votes away from the Democratic candidates be successful. Timing is everything and it won't work this time. One only has to attend a democratic event to see which way the country is leaning. Nader isn't going to change anyone's mind except possibly push GOP votes away from 'their' nominee.

May I give you a European perspective?

Never, in the best part of 60 years on the planet, have I seen so much interest and excitement about a US presidential election. However you cut it, it comes down to the fact that Geo.W is the most unpopular president outside of the USA for many decades. Contrary to what many Americans believe, this is not entirely due to the Iraq war. There is bewilderment at the unwillingness to engage with the Kyoto process, a degree of anger that the European allies are now being asked to commit more resources to the Afghan project notwithstanding that those EU members who are also part of NATO already contribute 63% of the NATO budget (Source CIA website) and that there appears to be an idea that the State Department is the ultimate arbiter of western foreign policy. The last thing anyone wants to do in Europe is to exclude the USA. We respect and appreciate the contribution that the USA has to make to both the world economy and matters of state. What we find a little bit difficult to swallow is the assumption that the States is the world's last remaining superpower. You are, whether you like it or not, part of the global community and a little bit of humility would not go amiss. You should bear in mind that Russia is in a position to produce vastly more gas and oil than the States and that European GDP is currently at 14,609,836 billion dollars which is a bit under a thousand billion dollars more than the States and something over 25% of world GDP.

We are not looking for a humiliating climbdown, just a little respect and a bit more engagement.

I am not American and really don´t care who wins. But i think its ridiculous of you to say Obama is arrogant and sees himself as the Chosen One for the WH. All along, its been Hillary who has been arrogant and acting, right from day 1 of this race, like the WH was a matter of inheritance for her.That arrogance and false assumption led her campaign to miscalculate, underestimate Obama, ignore the grassroot and now, its almost costing her the nomination. Its perfectly okay if you don´t like Obama but should not be a justification for knowingly distorting the facts and issues as you are doing. Its not just cool and instead makes you look more like a blind, sentimental supporter, instead of the educated, informed and objective supporter you should be.

Oh please Tayuh, of course you care. We all care because we are fed up to the eye teeth with the 'don't do as we do, do as we say' attitude from Washington. Either elect a president that is prepared to engage with the rest of us or b*gger off - and it really is that simple.

Paul D.,

I appreciate your view point as a non-partisan, non American observer. You will be surprised to know how many Americans agree with you. (This blog is a good example; just search for "George W. Bush" here)


Your analysis of the Clinton vs Obama arrogance/ entitlement angle is absolutely correct. The Clintonites are shocked that Hillary's coronation did not take place according to plan and as things stand now, it may not happen at all.
And you SHOULD care about what happens in November. The difference between a Republican and a Democrat in the White House might mean the difference between "100 years" of war and international dialogue and diplomacy. Which is why Ralph Nader's decision to stir up things has annoyed so many Democrats. But this time Nader may find out that popping up every four years to become the "conscience" of the country has lost its appeal. Unless of course the Democrats themselves become so mutually hostile and embittered at the end of the nomination process that they will vote for Ralph N. out of spite, in case their own candidate loses.

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