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May 11, 2008


For what it's worth, I'm a Republican, and voted for Obama in the state primary (I had to switch my party registration). I plan to vote for him in November. I know many Republicans who are so disgusted by what their party has become that they are also supporting Obama (some openly, some discretely). But I do not know one Republican who will vote for Clinton if she wins. Obama's appeal is not just to Democrats, but to open-minded Republicans as well.

Anon Govt Lawyer, I am glad to hear of your decision and that other Republicans feel the same way as you do.

This election, or rather the Democratic primaries are proving to be more confounding than the pundits or pollsters will admit. I believe that until the Dems decide to call it a day and settle on a nominee and we have a binary choice between the candidates of the two parties, things won't fall into any clear pattern.

I have friends who have voted all over the place. There are African Americans who were torn between Clinton and Obama at the start of the primaries but are now for Obama and will not vote for Clinton (any Clinton) in the foreseeable future. I know older women who like Obama and want him to win the nomination and the presidency, but they voted for Clinton because as "feminists," they had to vote for a woman. Some of my neighbors, all older white men, have voted for Obama and will vote for him in November. They will not vote for Hillary. Among my Asian acquaintances, the Indian American voters are evenly divided between Obama and Clinton. But the east Asian friends are almost all for Clinton. I also know a few Republicans who gleefully bought into Rush Limbaugh's "chaos theory" and voted for Hillary in the primaries but they will all vote for McCain in November.

So, I have no clue how things will shape up eventually. But I do believe that unless the Dems really screw up, both Hillary and Obama are capable of beating McCain.

Obama-Clinton would no longer be a dream ticket, more of a nightmare ticket for Obama in particular. At this point, I'm just wishing Hillary would just fade out quietly, but no, that is not the Clinton way! She will have to dragged off the convention stage kicking and screaming into a straitjacket, if the current trend continues.

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