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May 01, 2008


The spider's 'rejection' of Nina's 'efforts to repair' make for grand comedy indeed! I'm not sure that even I would go to such an extent- I would probably try transplanting the spider to a less-likely-to-be-disturbed location. Though, for all my efforts, the spider might judge otherwise since it might not get as many 'visitors' in the new spot.
The Cyrillic script learning was during a vacation when I found a stack of 'How to learn Russian" booklets, and learned the basics of Cyrillic and a few Russian words. Writing in cursive form was vastly more challenging, but looked gorgeous. A few years later,I found an ancient book in a friend's bookshelf and borrowed it to learn the Urdu script. The hard part of reading/writing it was figuring out the way the letters got modified as they were joined in a word. As I said, I'm very rusty, but can get back in form with a little practice, I'm sure.

i know a person whose love for god's dumb creatures include crawly-creepy things!! she never ceases to amaze me. she rescues animals, takes them home-in the bargain she has 9 dogs, three cats, a squirrel and what else, i cant keep count. I've known her once to sanatch a snake which was being attacked by college students, swing it round over her head and fling it away! and she didnt get bitten!!

by the way, sujatha seems to be an extremely interesting and accomplished person. i enjoy her posts


I don't think I qualify as accomplished, though I am interested in a lot of things- more a case of 'Jill of all trades and mistress of none' here. But it does make for a lot of fun and enjoyment!

That sounds like quite a remarkable lady to risk picking up a poisonous(?)snake to save it. I hope it got away without injury. How does she keep the peace between the dogs, cats and squirrel: she must have the skill set of a Dr.Dolittle to cope, I'm sure.

me and my daughter, that also like u, love the cats, send u a great kiss from brazil!!!

this lady blogs. her blog id is writes beautiful poems. but for some reason,cant access thru blogsearch. guess it's 'cos she has just started and doesn't have enuf matter

I once had a squirrel invite himself into my home. I was amazed by how friendly it was. It would sit on my shoulder and run around the house. It was so young and must have lost its mother young. It had no clue that I was human and that normally squirrels are afraid of us. But, one day it came up missing just like it had come. I don't know what happened to it. But, I had it for about two weeks and it was great.

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