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May 21, 2008


Thank you, Sujatha for successfully uploading the first ever video link on A.B. (I as you know, have failed). No, we don't want to make our blog a video heavy site. But it is good to know that "we can."

As for Hillary, I really don't know what her game plan is. Is she waiting for an act of God to derail Obama? Or is there a bone or a skeleton in Obama's closet that only she knows about? The electoral math is against her even if she chalks up a huge win in Puerto Rico and adamantly counts "Florigan." Even some of her ardent supporters are now becoming edgy about her "never say die" campaign strategy. Obama is probably exhausted and scared to death of this woman. May be it is a war of attrition - she is waiting for him to cry uncle and throw in the towel. Maureen Dowd reports a fictional "Last Debate" betweem Hillary and Obama.

I don't think that there's something rattling around in Obama's closet: Hillary would have gone all out to drag it into daylight had something worse than Wright been there. No, she's out of options there. She is starting to be scarily Rapturist in her insistence that she will triumph and be the Democratic nominee in November. There may be many a slip between cup and lip, but this is taking it to extraordinary extents- Hillary is truly the Grouchy Ladybug who continued with her 'Wanna fight' stance even after being whacked by the Obama whale.

May be she is consulting this guy.

Eek! My brain gets fried trying to figure out all that, so I'm not even going to make the effort. Seriously, the last decent 'borne out' by actual events by that gentleman made was in Fall 2007 about the Japanese stock market. I wouldn't call that a very good track record, so I will take his current stuff with a cupful of salt.

That guy, Ruchira, is--how to put this?--marvelous! I'm sure I, too, would be "reluctant to argue against something as powerful as a Jupiter station on the 10th house cusp," but not for the same reason as Mr. Kevill. The only force I know of more powerful than "a Jupiter station on the 10th house cusp" is a stiff Martini. Which sounds good right about now.


And do note that Kevill is not of the fuddy duddy old Vedic school - he is a neo-Vedic.

But let's not be so dismissive about "powerful" stuff in the skies. Do note Hillary's comment to Karl Rove in the second video that Sujatha has posted about her inevitable presidency - "the omens are just stacking up." She is laughing of course. But I half suspect that at some level she is convinced about the metaphysical "ordained" nature of her candidacy.

If nothing works out the way they predict, the astrologers will blame it on the incorrect birth times

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