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May 07, 2008


Is Obama the whale or the other ladybug? If he's the other ladybug, what or who is the whale?

I still can't figure out which he is. We'll just have to wait until May 20 or June 3 to find out whether he is the other ladybug who amicably shares the aphids or the whale who swatted the grouchy ladybug out of range.

Obama is definitely the "other ladybug." If anything, he is more terrified of Hillary and Bill than he is of taking on John McCain.

The "whale" at this stage is the collective stance of the super delegates who are coalescing around Obama in order to "swat" efforts by the Clinton camp to stage a contentious convention (both Bill and Hill have hinted that they will burn the barn if Hillary is not nominated) in August. But I hope they will wait until early June when all the primaries are over. Otherwise Hillary will have another complaint against the "boys" pushing her out and denying her the nomination that she is entitled to - like not counting the votes she got in Florida and Michigan.

I wish the superdelegates would hurry up and form the whale sooner rather than later. Why are they waiting for Hillary to drop out officially before they take a stance? At this rate, Hillary won't get a 'share of aphids' from Obama either, the longer and more rancorous this primary gets.

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