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August 29, 2008


Joe, you beat me to the punch - good for you!

Is it too early to rejoice? Or should I worry? Don't know much about Sara Palin, governor of Alaska (and a former runner up in Miss Alaska beauty contest). Will learn more during the day after I am done with my household chores. What is McCain thinking? Is he inoculating himself against the plain spoken Biden who might pull his punches against a woman out of chivalry? Or is he going after Hillary's disgruntled PUMAs (Party Unity, My Ass)?

I suspect this will be like feeding a fly to a PUMA hungering for a good meal of antelope. What in the world was McCain thinking?

I am sorry but as a mom of a special needs son (CP) I cannot in my wildest dreams imagine this woman campaigning for VP when she has a downs syndrome infant. She has no idea how much special needs children need to be with their parents/family. Dumping this infant off on caretakers absolutely makes me sick. Obviously Palin will be required to do a great deal of traveling whether she is campaigning, being the VP, or heaven forbid the CIC. I am glad she is a career mom, but I think that she has no idea how much she will need to be there for this precious child. My heart breaks for the baby.

Even more Hillary supporters will go for McCain now. Obama is no longer a near certainty. Heaven forbid something happens to McCain, but I believe Palin would rise to the occasion. She has the right attitude. Everyone knows Obama is NOT ready for POTUS, Palin is only for the VP. Look at Dan Quayle.

YEY SARAH PALIN! YEY John McCain! Great pick! The 1st woman for the GOP VP? SCORE!

She's conservative! SCORE! She's a Governor! SCORE! She's pro-drilling! She's a hunter! SCORE! She played hockey in school! SCORE! She's pro-life! And she respects women! SCORE! She fights corruption! SCORE! She's high-energy! SCORE! She's tough! SCORE! She's got 5 kids! SCORE! Her son is going to Iraq in the Armed Forces! SCORE! She's married to a Blue-collar professional! SCORE! She's smart! SCORE! She's young! SCORE!

And she's a Hotty to boot! SCORE! The Left is going to go nuts! SCORE!
absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
never elect a woman

who's a conservative
she's just a gender traitor

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
just HOPE to pay more taxes

DREAM about high fuel prices
CHANGE PROGRESS to move backwards

All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech, there can be no real freedom.
Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon
Help Halt Terrorism Today!


I assumed that he's going after the women who apparently vowed not to vote for Obama after their girl lost. Of course, if they were thinking rationally, the fact that Palin is anti-choice would be a problem, but refusing to vote for the male Dem was never a rational position. Along the same lines, to the extent that people just like being part of making history, now voting for either ticket is a chance to make history.

It may be true that Biden will have to be careful about looking like he's picking on Palin. But on the bright side, we really need him to go after McCain, right? And more on the bright side: this totally reinforces the message that McCain is old and quite plausibly less than a four-year term away from death.

Any relation?

Welcome Uspace -- our blog has long lacked a genuine representative of the Wingnut-American community.

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