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September 02, 2008


Thanks for bringing the very disturbing story to the attention of our readers. I had not seen this report until now. But from what I have learnt so far about Sarah Palin, the wholesome, winsome "Hockey Mom" from Alaska, it doesn't surprise me at all.

Together with "bomb, bomb, bomb" McCain, if elected, the two can gleefully unleash a bloodbath on man and beast.

At the Republican Convention under way tonight, I have heard several right wing supporters of Palin refer to her as the female Teddy Roosevelt. Made me want to puke - having read the above report. See Roosevelt's record on conservation of flora and fauna.

Female Teddy Roosevelt? Pah!
Madam Mooseburger, or Defender of the Alaskan wild against Al Caribou, or the Great Polar Bear non-Apologist?

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