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September 06, 2008


Andrew has a good sense of optimism about all of this, so I'm trying to absorb that, implant it into my own way of thinking. I just loathe the way Palin is using her kids, especially the baby, as a sort of shield. Conservatives cut funding, always, just popping out children left and right does not make someone a good advocate for them. I don't think people are realizing how disastrous she could be for social services. The media could cover this sort of thing...but Palin has really pretty hair, so that tends to distract them.

It kills me that she's going to be interviewed by Charles Gibson. Pandering moron. It's smart, politically, but loathsome. She wants to present herself as "tough" but then do everything imaginable to avoid difficult questions...a glaring contradiction.

''The plane was later sold to a private buyer for $300,000 less than the asking price. Yet Sen McCain later told audiences during campaign stops that his running mate had sold the plane on the Internet for a profit.''

Why should selling for $300,000 less imply a lack of profit?

Now, I have no idea whether the aircraft was a sold for a profit or not...and I am not even sure if selling the aircraft was a good idea. But your statements are not logical. No? :)


It was sold at a loss is what I read. But that's not my point. Used items are often sold at a loss if the price of maintaining and operating them exceeds the cost and effort of selling at a profit. And in any case, government transactions routinely lose money - nothing remarkable there.

The point is that Sarah Palin did NOT sell the plane on eBay but left an impression that she did. Even this week's Newsweek profile of Palin says that she sold the plane on eBay. I expect that Newsweek will publish a correction in its next issue because the copy may have been printed before the truth became public.

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