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September 19, 2008


I just hope that when your electricity returns, it won't produce tiny black holes that gobble up the planet.

Very glad to hear that you're safe, and sorry about the utility issues. Does this mean you're in a news blackout? Potentially not such a terrible thing. It gives me a headaches, yet I watch the political coverage compulsively anyway. I may go into my yard and throw rocks at the transformer.

If the electricity doesn't return soon (today was day seven) black holes might start coming out of my ears.

I am actually not at all in a news blackout. My daily paper has been delivered on time since Sunday, the day after Ike. With the help of the heavy duty extension cord from the outlet on my neighbor's front porch, several power strips and another extension cord from our garage, my husband has managed to bring to life several appliances. We can operate three lamps, three pedestal fans, one TV, two computers and one freezer. We use what we need depending on which room is in use. Everything else, including the air conditioners, remains idle. What is bothering me most is my inability to heat water for tea and coffee - I have an electric cook-top. I fill up a thermos or two late in the evening in my neighbor's kitchen for the morning tea. So no, I am not out of touch with what is going on in the world.

This is the most widespread and longest lasting power outage in the history of Texas I am told. After a wonderfully cool week after Ike, a warming trend is on its way. We have a hotel reservation but we have chosen to stay home until now. It has been very comfortable with the windows open and the fan on. But if the temperature gets to where we are very uncomfortable and the power doesn't return, we might have to move to the hotel. But being cooped up in one room with husband and cat doesn't sound wonderful either.

Until yesterday, the power company wouldn't even give us a vague date as to when electricity might be restored in our house. Today they came out and said, "Some time after the 22nd." That is a scarily open-ended statement, in my opinion.

The planet is temporarily safe from the dangers of mini blackholes. At least, I hope we will get to find out who wins the Nov 4 election before the whole thing gets swallowed up ;)

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