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September 03, 2008


it never ceases to amaze me that an open society like you have in the US sohud make huge issues of personal life of politicians while a highly hypocritical society like we have in india totally ignore the personal life of the leaders.

Seriously, this was a choice by McCain's campaign to publicize the private matter of Palin's daughter, her state of pregnancy, her boyfriend etc.They are making a media circus out of it, trying to make scrambled eggs out of the cracked egg they have, maybe garnering a few sympathy votes even from evangelicals who might privately disagree with the way Palin has raised her family.
In India, any journalist who attempts to sensationalize tabloid stories about the personal shenanigans of a politician, is likely to 'commit suicide', a la Sr. Anupa Mary. So much for a 'Free Press'.

Well , I agree with Joe Hickman. I also believe that with this revelation that her family demonstrates a lack of communication and basic trust. I'm sure Ms.Palin has explained the birds and bees to her daughter. So she decided ( made a choice ) to go ahead and disregard her mother and fathers teaching and advice and have a child out of wedlock. Now the Republicans are praising this 'decision' to keep the baby (pro-choice). Can't everyone see the irony and downright smoke and mirror tricks going on here ? It's a failure of family trust, a failure of espoused moral beliefs, and a breakdown in family communication.
Also, another thought. Is the Palin family paying for her daughters OB/GYN bills ? Or, does the state government of Alaska have a provision in their dependent health insurance to cover such situations ? I doubt that very much...but who knows, Alaska is the highest in teenage pregnancies. Or, is her daughter on Medicaid and asking the nation to foot the bill for her daughters rebellion ?
HER DAUGHTER IS NOT OFF LIMITS, by any means. She represents every moral issue the Republicans stand for.
Her whole family is in the 'hot kitchen', if she or the republicans can't stand it...then get out while you can.

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