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September 03, 2008


This time God seems to have responded to Michael Moore's plea. I wonder if he will keep his promise now that Gustav wasn't as destructive as expected.
"So please God, let the storm die out at sea. It's done enough damage already. If you do this one favor for me, I promise not to invoke your name again. I'll leave that to the followers of Dr. Dobson and to those gathering this week in St. Paul.

Your faithful servant and former seminarian,

Michael Moore"

God does have a history of flooding the earth when angry. Such a temper! It's strange that Christians take such a supportive stance towards this. Usually when someone tries to kill...well, everyone...we call it genocide. When god tries to kill everyone? It's the victims fault. They earned it.

I do love that, in the book of Genesis, God does express regret over flooding the earth: he invents the rainbow as a way of saying, "Oops! Sorry!". To me, that always seemed like a slightly disproportionate apology. All but five humans killed off...but hey, here's a pretty rainbow. Very odd.

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