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November 20, 2008


Having seen her working hard on the campaign trail on Obama's behalf, I'm not going to second-guess his offer to her. But I do find it curious that the media in general seems to be pushing the Clinton will-she-or-won't-she line as a never ending soap opera (Can you tell that I've been watching not enough MSNBC and too much Food Channel;).
It's all for the good, consider that we haven't heard about Palin and JTP for several days now!

I totally agree. I tried to convey a similar message on my blog, obamadoghouse dot com.

Hillary bad because Bill is a liability? His credentials are not exactly lousy. The guy was a successful President of the United States. He was actually good at bringing leaders together and making things happen. The Palestinians and the Israeli leaders actually talked to each other (with US facilitating it) back then. Northern Ireland (a problem that lasted for quite a while) got resolved during his watch. Further, the guy has done whatever the Obama campaign has asked him to do- whether it is disclosing the names of donors to his foundation, getting speeches cleared by the State Dept. You name it. Finally, the guy is pretty intelligent. He knows the difference between a structured govt position and a free lancer. He'll be his wife's sounding board- which ain't a bad thing. And- Hillary is not exactly a dummy either. In addition to smarts, star power, she brings a work ethic few can match. She will do a GREAT job.

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