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January 18, 2009


I love it! Hooray for the Mummy-Obamaicon! The sari is a touch of genius too, so now you can use that as an avatar of sorts. Wait, have you turned off the extra scripts for comments or is it just my NoScript preventing me from seeing the fancy new comment format?

I love it. The project reminds me of a line from a rather more dispirited than usual "Mummy" email forwarded to me by your daughter in 2004: "The election is over, Bush has won and we can do nothing about it." Well, yes there was, it turned out. We could vote in four years, and in the meantime we could blog our anger.

Viva la Mummyblogger!

Nice! I hope this turns out to be a stepping stone to portraits from all AB authors on the About page, portraits as colorful as they are. Your fans, I assure you, would like to see you more clearly than such "washed-out infrared" trickery!


"Washed-out-infrard" trickery IS it for the time being. When the time comes to sign out of Accidental Blogger for good, perhaps I will post a "real" picture and come out from behind my cyber-burqa.

I don't know if any of the other A.B. authors are willing to post their pictures in public. I have no objections. Anna and Andrew have made their appearance in a grainy video already. Perhaps they will be willing to "come out" before our readers. But I encourage them all to create an Obamaicon and send it to me. I will put up a post containing them for the benefit of our readers.

I don't think you are missing anything here. As you may have noted, Typepad is in the process of upgrading its software. Apart from the change in posting options, they have also created an annoying comments "upgrade." I had inadvertently signed on to that option which is why there was a new look in the comments page for sometime. After much headbanging I was able to opt out of that format. I am very glad. Didn't care at all for the psychedelic look. But down the road, Typepad may force it on us.

Nice poster. Its time you put up the painting that is based on this photo.

Aku, this is not the painting you are thinking of. It is a recent photo taken last month. I will e-mail you the original.

By the way, even though the picture is blurred to abstraction, Sujatha was astute enough to make out the sari, I noticed.

Beautiful! Very glad to see the Mummy-icon! I agree with Sujatha that you should use it as an avatar.


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