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January 15, 2009


As Keith Olbermann pointed out today, Bush could have just said, "Sorry. Goodbye," in his farewell address to the nation. The world would have understood.

He is awful. I'm dreading the near inevitability of having to watch reruns of his farewell speech on the TV at the gym tonight.

By an odd coincidence, one of my hip 20-something paralegals was just today educating me about

I thought that maybe it was some relatively obscure interest. Now, thanks to Slate, I know that I am just old.

Er, shouldn't that have been 'Epic Fail' under the Bush Obamicon? (It pays off to check out the icanhazcheezburger website routinely, as well for all teh latust slang )

Sujatha -- I suppose you're right -- if anything truly deserves the hyperbolic descriptor "epic fail," it's the Bush Admin.

And Ruchira, I sure hope you'll make a Ruchira Obamaicon called "MUMMY." If I remember the emails Sanjukta shared when she and Anna were in law school, that was your original blogger handle, no?

Anna, I also didn't know about Fail Blog. Maybe it's a hipness thing rather than an age thing.

Now that you guys are harping on the youth /hipness index of Fail Blog, let me just mention that I had seen it a while ago and had a chuckle or two over some of the really funny photos. Given that I am neither young nor hip, it proves that it's all a case of hit or miss on the Internet.

Andrew, I guess one could say that "Mummy" was indeed my first blogger handle in as much as that my lengthy e-mails to my children (some of which Anna had read in law school, courtesy my daughter) in which I used to hold forth on various world affairs, formed the basis of formal blogging. In fact my children became so tired of my rants against Bush on the phone and via email that they urged me to get a blog or a column in a newspaper as an outlet for venting. (See my daughter's comment here) Now tell me, if I indeed do create a "Mummy" Obamaicon, should I use my real mugshot or a borrowed image?

Your real photo of course Ruchira!

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