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April 08, 2009



This is indeed very sad and scary. I am not sure if the American public, politicians and law enforcement have the stomach to face the reality of gun violence and its relation to the easy availability of guns.

Just two days ago, the only child of a good friend of ours was gunned down and died. The 27 year old young man made the mistake of confronting a pair of thieves who were in the process of stealing his belongings. He didn't know that one of them had a gun.

This 'gun culture' is something that I will never get used to seeing, being propagated from one generation to the next, even at the cost of 'accidents', like the one in my own township, where a kid in the elementary school shot his brother while playing with a gun that their father had not secured from them. It's not that other weapons like knives can't harm, just that guns make it too easy for miscreants to cause harm.

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