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April 27, 2009


Re: The morality of eating meat

I believe all your questions are answered to some degree in the Mahabharata - see, for instance, the Shanti Parva at

Re: Karala/Ucche

I've also been a fan of every form of Karala (except the deep fried, all bitterness wiped-out, version that's prevalent in north India). People who like the Karala flavor should also try fried neem leaves with white rice.

Ah Banerjee, you seem to be a person with identical taste buds as me. I provided a Punjabi recipe here because it disguises the bitterness - an easier fare to swallow for the uninitiated. But if truth be told, I too like the "really" bitter Bengali dishes. A particular favorite - boiled karela + potato dressed with nothing other than a few spoonfuls of mustard oil and bit of salt. And crispy fried neem leaves on plain steamed rice remain a favorite to this day. Alas, that is not possible to locate here unless I order it from a specialty farm in Florida. I particularly like it fried with diced eggplant.

I'll most certainly try out your recipe, Ruchira. I only know a very basic minimally spiced version with chilli and turmeric powder- hadn't thought of adding amchur, jeera, anardana and coriander. The adults like it, but not the kids.(though they love to drink water which seems sweet after a bite of the karela.)

Mostly many people don't like to eat coriander, but it has great advantages in it. Definitely try out your recipe.

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