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May 17, 2009


oh this is scary.

but this is happening all over the civilized world. the SS are doing the same in maharashtra.

guess this is what they mean by the last convulsions of a dying dog. ethnic identities will
eventually vanish in the new global order. but the price we pay will be heavy.

"Sir Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts movement in America was a passionate pro-military patriot" – I love that despite the fact you link to the Wikipedia article about Baden-Powell, you get the information about him wrong.

Lord Baden-Powell did not found "the Boy Scouts movement in America" – he founded it in Britain and supported its extension to America. He was a patriot, but obviously not a US patriot as your description might be taken to imply. And he wasn't so much "pro-military" as a lifelong career soldier who was indeed a major British military commander and hero in his day.

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