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May 20, 2009


Congratulations, Ruchira! Your stock just jumped 50% with my daughter. Remember her assertion that 'you never know if the person you met on the internet is a criminal'- she's decided that chances are less than 50% that you are one, since you love cats and are a cat-owner.

Oh, I am relieved! If M. is anything like me, she will forgive a hundred sins (or more) in a fellow cat lover, criminal or otherwise.

Speaking of Sujatha's daughter's assertion, I've always assumed that Dean is probably a criminal. Our blog-friend Matt, too. At least that leaves better odds for the rest of us?

Joe, Joe, calm down!

Perhaps it is time I organized a meet up in Houston for A.B. authors, so we can take the measure of each others reliability (or criminality) in person and in the "real" world. Matt can join us too. He is just across the Texas border in a neighboring state.

I didn't do it, Joe, I swear. Anyway, Anna and Andrew have met me in person, and I think they'll vouch that I'm your ordinary, wholesome, law abiding, beer drinking kind of guy. (Right?) Besides, I wuv witto kitty-kat-wookums and doggy-woofums. I've already forwarded the link to a friend, a cat lover who is also an aficionado of cuteness.

Now, where did I put my clown outfit?

That the circumstances of our get-together were a beer festival vouches for "beer drinking," to an equal degree that it vouches against "wholesome." As for ordinary and law abiding- who knows. I tend to think everyone's probably off-norm, in some capacity (and bless us all) and law-abiding as a normative judgment begs the question, in my mind, of what law we're discussing and how we define "abiding" (I guess that makes me either a Talmudic scholar or a lawyer). I can affirmatively vouch that Dean's got good taste in beer, though (and a wife nice enough that I believe he can't be all bad), and that's all that really matters, right?

Viva cats! We just got back from a 10 day trip to Brazil, and our excitement and being reunited with our Monty would probably strike many as unseemly.

Ten days in Brazil! I am envious. A post please - from either traveler, Anna or Andrew. Or even better, one post from each.

(and a wife nice enough that I believe he can't be all bad)

Isn't that the truth? It is ironic how often our own character bona fides are judged by the wholesomeness of our partners.

Should have mentioned that this post was in honor of my cat Ali's 18th birthday.

From the Mahabharata, Anusasana Parva:

Bhishma asks the Pramathas, "... Ye are invisible wanderers of the night. Why do you afflict those men that are vile and impure and that are unclean?"

The Pramathas say, " ... or who keeps the skin or teeth of a wolf in his abode or a hill-tortoise, or from whose habitation the sacrificial smoke is seen to curl upwards, or who keeps a cat or a goat that is either tawny or black in hue, is free from our power. Verily, those householders who keep these things in their houses always find them free from the inroads of even the fiercest spirits that live on carrion. ..."

Dogs are an absolute no.

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