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June 27, 2009


Thanks, Sujatha. Moonwalkers, indeed!

I am of the age that I was more a fan of the Jackson Five than of Michael Jackson, the mega star who glittered on the world's show biz stage for nearly a decade. The video is grainy but the amazingly sweet voice of the child and the nimbleness of his feet are portents of things to come. For the adult Jackson high wattage talent and a freakish personal life got mixed up in a way that made him the object of fascination for both music lovers and curious gawkers. I am on the other hand, absolutely stunned by the overwhelming media attention and speculation about his tragic and untimely death. We have another Princess Diana on our hands.

Having never heard of the Jackson Five (wonderful clip!), my main memory of MJ is the constant throb of 'Beat it' from assorted restaurant speakers and outbreaks of moonwalking in various Kollywood movies.
Consider the overwhelming media attention as a natural consequence of their being tired of breathless coverage of Iran protests. Michael Jackson,still has world-wide cachet, even as a flawed icon, and they will milk it for every last drop they can wring out of it.

Such a shame about Michael Jackson. I agree that they will milk his untimely death for every cent they can manage. Elvis has managed to make more cash dead than alive... Same with Van Gogh.

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