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July 04, 2009


The resignation speech was bizarre indeed. I had a hard time following the train of thoughts - a strange juxtaposition of the value of small government, personal responsibility, public service and irrelevant tributes to the military.

And what is it with Sarah Palin and birds? During her Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon speech, turkeys were being slaughtered behind her. Yesterday ducks were cackling loudly in the background and drowing out the string of disjointed non-sequiturs.

To me, it was less about the word-salad and more about her jerky, gasping delivery of the lines that made me think that she is seriously rattled about something coming down the pike (no, not fish again!). We will know soon enough, if we wait patiently, I guess.
Maybe the ducks were quacking 'Lame duck, lame duck' or 'Off with her head', just as was being done to the turkey. It's an Alice-in-Wonderland nightmare, and Sarah's headed down the rabbit hole.

Another salient difference - Jayalalitha, in addition to being remarkably corrupt, self-serving and autocratic (favorite Laxman cartoon - the entire Lok Sabha reciting the national anthem, Jaya Jaya Jaya, Jaya he around her as she gloats) she's one smart person in every sense of the word, not something straightforwardly held of madam Palin.

I'm not so convinced about J's 'smartness', as I am of her 'savvy', which is a different thing. The veneer of culture merely masks the ruthlessness, while for Palin the 'folksiness' and 'awshucks-look at how ordinary I am' mask her ambition and middle-school politics.
If it is a matter of knowing how to play the game of politics, I will grant that J has been more successful at it in the long run, and only slightly less crass in her exhortations to her followers than say, Mayawati, or Palin for that matter.

After MGR's death, Jayalalitha managed to inspire her followers with the sense that she was the 'Kali mata' but Palin is mixed in her approach to her followers, trying to milk the 'Holy Mother' contingent as well as the 'librarian in high heels sex appeal' demographic. Different strokes for different folks, but it all ends up being the same in terms of quest for power and money.

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