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August 05, 2009


Among the lovelier of your paintings, Ruchira. The title isn't inapt, but perhaps it gives the viewing a New Age tilt you didn't intend. Anyway, the juxtaposition of this image over the earlier "Blackwater in hot water" post is a great effect!

Wow, Ruchira! I like this a lot.

It's wonderful. And I find the vessel with the liquid pouring forth rather arresting. There's something maternal about it--perhaps it's the age-old association of motherhood and water. It's as if the the figure, with eyes shut, is giving birth to new possibilities, a better sort of future.


Thank you for alerting me to this post.

The title, "Serenity", is distracting for me, and I'm trying to enjoy it for what it is without a title. As before, it's color, composition, and balance. As with Ingres' "Odalisque", there is great exaggeration in the body's form. You are painting her as you see her, not as she is. There is an asymmetry that still feels anchored and balanced. Look only at her face and you imagine a young beautiful woman with a slender body. Look at the water jar and feel a weightiness to the figure. Out-sized, disproportionate, geometric, and asymmetric yet it all holds together. And the's just beautiful. I envy your friend.

i keep going back and looking at this, Ruchira. very beautiful. the asymmetry was mentioned, and i love the way asymmetry pulls you in, it's almost like it removes your own center of gravity, sweeps you into the image. i'm already a member of the ruchira fan club, but now i'm even more taken with your talents.

This is my favorite of your paintings.

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