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August 18, 2009


Random remarks here. Your suggestion to visit the doctor at the first sign of flu like symptoms reminds me of an experience I had earlier this year during the first go-round of the scare. I had flu-like symptoms. I read a bit about the new strains and decided that I was not a probable case. Nevertheless, my medical diagnostic skills being a bit rusty, I went to the doctor when I would have preferred to stay in bed. The doctor first asked me if I would have even considered seeing him had there been no scare. "Of course not," I replied. Then he worried a bit and admitted he had never before had to make this sort of call. To prescribe, or not to prescribe? Was his duty to me or to the community, in the face of a scarcity of termiflu? I told him not to bother, so he wrote a prescription and asked me to fill it only if I acquired two more swine flu symptoms. I didn't, so I didn't.

I am allergic to Berkeley. I often go weeks hacking, with a runny or (yech!) crusty nose. Only recently did a friend inform me about neti pot. I really need to buy one of those.

Finally, the swine flu outbreak offers an occasion to retell a good Woody Allen joke. A man tells a friend his wife has all the symptoms of swine flu. The friend replies, "Why hasn't she gone to the doctor?" "We need the bacon."

Advise that needs to be repeated continually..Wash hand, cover mouth and noise when you sneeze. There is probably a huge worry about the swine flu, but my concern is more about the vaccine that has been developed to prevent the swine flu. Yes, get the flu shot, but how about the new vaccine that they are sending out. Concerns have already been raised that the new vaccine has not been sufficiently tested and that the effects, especially on children, are unknown. Like all vaccines, the long-term mercury-poisoning and immune-system harms will not even be looked for. Most “trials” will only look for adverse effects for 21 days.

Thanks for the discussion...I think we need to know about this flu before getting panic attacks.

Awesome job on your blog!! Here is some more info. on the Swine Flu:


"Like all vaccines, the long-term mercury-poisoning and immune-system harms will not even be looked for. Most “trials” will only look for adverse effects for 21 days."

Let me say this slowly: there is no such thing as mercury poisoning in vaccines. It's this sort of dangerous misinformation that will lead to serious, global-scale reintroduction of things like measles, mumps, diphtheria, and other diseases that we've already basically eliminated from the civilized world.

Please, please, read some science before you go around refusing vaccines based on the fact that a decade ago we sometimes used a preservative in vaccines that we (possibly) shouldn't have. No mercury-based preservatives have been found in vaccines since 1999.

ok, but what about this, chuck?

It's good news that the flu did not spread as people feared it would. Early detection and prevention is capable of stopping a potential epidemic on its tracks. But despite these good news, people should still make it a habit to consult with their doctor immediately after detecting symptoms.

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