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October 28, 2009


Funny how little 'cultural' matters can trip you up, as exemplified by the second incident in the article. The French teacher says 5 continents, while American schools say 7.
I remember feeling cheated out of a first prize in a spelling bee (in an American-run school) where I proudly spelled America as 'a-m-e-r-i-c-a', forgetting to state 'Capital A' (or upper-case A, if that was the required form). The other students were merely glad that I, the obnoxious little know-it-all, had gotten my comeuppance, after all :)

As my 3-year-old often complains these days, "No fair!" Too bad "comeuppance" wasn't one of the bee rounds.

Comeuppance! From Family Guy:

Stewie: Return the device, woman!
Lois: No toys, Stewie.
Stewie: Very well, then. Mark my words, when you least expect it, your uppance will come!

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