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February 17, 2010


I wanted to listen to the music but the link defeated me. Having previously downloaded several applications to watch videos and listen to audio, I gamely tried another - to no avail. When will this nonsense end? This so called technology is self defeating. You'll find out soon enough when you decide you can no longer afford the latest (non-backward-compatible) computer every two years. Please pass on my complaint to the folks at Lincoln Center.

I've been listening, and glancing at the script, while working this a.m. Great show, Andrew. I have a glorious six-LP set of Sarah Vaughan's Pablo disks, many with Basie. I'll have to check for Foster's work.

I notice the editor clipped one of your set-ups for a segue. You had Marlena Shaw joking about taking another couple years to "learn" Foster's music, followed by Pierce remarking, "Shaw has more than 'learned' the music--she has made it her own." But the Shaw remark was left out.

Did Dennis Rowland just sing in Stardust "...a paradise, where Rosenblum"?

Yeah, Andrew, what's with those editors at Murray Street? Someone should give the Technical Director a talking to...

I love your Stardust quip, Dean! I'm going to start singing that around the house. Of course, it only works if one pronounces Andrew's last name correctly and euphoniously (i.e. the way that I, but none of my in-laws whose name it is, pronounces it...yes, he married me, anyway). They'd sing "a paradise where rose in blum" (rhymes with plum).

"You say plum, I say bloom... Let's call the whole thing awf."

Thanks very much guys -- and that Vaughan set sounds fantastic. And yes, the tech director and senior producer frequently will cut things during the "post-production" phase. Don't know if Shaw's funny remark was cut for timing or aesthetic reasons. Sometimes, it's because it works better on the page than it does aurally -- i.e., she stumbles over the word, or coughs at an inopportune moment.

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