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February 22, 2010


Of the existential kind :
The last line from a Flamenco song titled Utopia : Sin Utopia / La vida seria un ensayo para la muerte. Freely translated : But for Utopia / Life would merely be a rehearsal for death

Narayan, which is why religion comes in handy for so many people.

An update on the Point Magazine piece by Raymond Geuss. I found Geuss' lament about "reason mongering" so funny in a way that I looked him up. Among other things on his faculty page, I found this exhortation:

Contact Details:
Raymond Geuss is not himself on e-mail and does not respond to e-mails addressed to him c/o the Faculty Office. Please do not attempt to use the secretarial staff in the Faculty Office as an indirect e-mail conduit; such attempts will be unsuccessful and will merely add to their work-load unnecessarily.

So, he is really a curmudgeon and the lament may actually be a complaint. I wonder what his students think.

I loved the Raymond Geuss lament. And no, it's not hard to believe someone with that worldview is an incredible curmudgeon.

I've had the honour of (briefly) being a student of Guess's via lectures that he typically volunteers to give in his own time to the Political Thought and Intellectual History MPhil class at Cambridge. I don't claim to know his work in-depth, and am pretty new to his branch of philosophy, so this is only a reflection of meeting him in person; he seems to me to be a very generous man with a brilliantly subtle intellect. Although he sometimes comes across as "absurd," I genuinely think that's because what he says is (for someone educated in the British system at least) so deeply radical and unnerving.

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