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February 18, 2010


There are a handful of books on the subject of the history of photography in India. The one I have is Judith Mara Gutman's "Through Indian Eyes". Mostly people pictures (like 1,2,4,6 above) by indian photographers, many of earlier vintage. Mint condition, if anyone wants to make me an offer on this excellent coffee table book.

Why do you want to give it up?

The weight and vanity of possessions destined for the dump.

Where did you get these unusual archival shots, Ruchira?

Usha, a friend e-mailed them to me.

Did you notice that Narayan (see comment #1 above) has a book to sell? :-)

There are some here

I just checked that the fourth photograph from above is there with the caption
Nautch girls, Bombay, by Taurines, c.1880's
May be some of the others are from there too.

Thank you, Gaddeswarup. Those are some very touching photos of the partion. I will check out the other photos on the interesting photo blog at leisure.

The Taurines picture did bear the caption "Nautch Girls" in the e-mail that was sent to me. I changed it to dancing girls just as I re-wrote all the captions to make it more easily understandable to all A.B. readers.

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