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April 20, 2010


i actually heard a conservative on fox news say that if the volcanoe continues to spew ash, it might lower global temperatures by a degree, which should make environmental groups happy with the event. and he believed this, he was being serious.

sometimes i'll watch fox news for five minutes and play a game i've invented called "what's the stupidest thing i'll hear today?" that won.

I need to watch Fox News more often for the 'Fair and Balanced' coverage, but am terrified. What if it brainwashes me into a Teaparty zombie mode!!!11!!!

Since the failures are expected to occur only after 70-100 hours of flight time, they should have all the airline CEOs fly test flights on planes which have spent that long in the air after exposure to the volcanic ash. Then we might see whether they fly or flee the flight.

Another interesting viewpoint on the upside of the 'air crisis'
(Non-Fox news, of course;)

And here is the spectacular show that mother nature staged in and around Eyjafjallajokull. (from Elatia's FB link)

They should definitely have got the planes back up sooner. It caused some unnecessary chaos.

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