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July 04, 2010


Very thoughtful post! As also one schooled in the Indian educational system (as well as a person of Indian origin), I found your citing of Tagore for this topic very refreshing!

Thanks, Sdisaac. It always helps to come at the same old memes with a different perspective and meme ;)

I want to remark on the difference between 1a/b. and 1c. Let's remember that the day is an "independence" day. It is quite typical among right-wing policy types to forget that independence (from a foreign government, for example) isn't the same as a desire for political freedoms, much less for western liberal democracy, and that whilst the latter may or may not be manifested in a given situation, the former quite typically is...

Actually, I suspect that it's less that the right-wing policy types don't clearly understand the differences and more their wish to use a simple frame of reference to appeal to their base,which doesn't need too many complicated explanations. How easy and simple life is if 'Freedom' automatically implies only mindless jingoism and 'Vaterland ├╝ber alles', rather than other constructs. Goebbels would be proud of their efforts and success, I'm sure.

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