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July 09, 2010


I have: stoning to death = torture > execution. Not sure where they're putting waterboarding, which of course is actually torture perpetrated by the U.S. against people suspected of being Muslims so it's different than torture in this situation.

I'm guessing they did mean stoning to death > torture after all. All that's saying is, torture + killing > killing. I think it isn't going to extent of implying that torture is incommensurably worse than execution, that it's a higher-order-infinity of badness than execution, so to speak.

Re waterboarding, I thought under Obama they had stopped pretending it wasn't torture, though it's cheeky to call it worse than death; I imagine Christopher Hitchens, for example, would willingly do a youtube waterboarding video a day for the rest of his life in exchange for a cure to his cancer. For the more medieval and creative torture schemes on offer that too would change of course...

Logically and contextually at least, your interpretation makes sense.

Off the top of my head, I honestly can't recall whether the Obama administration agrees that waterboarding is torture. I just have the vague sense of, in general, Bush administration wartime policies being finessed but not strongly repudiated.

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